3 Ways To Celebrate A Summer Birthday In Style!

March 16, 2016

Another year has gone by and another birthday is coming up. What do you have planned for your child’s next summer birthday party? Have you already used up all the great party ideas you have stocked up over the years? Coming up with new party idea’s is always hard. Maybe you’ve thrown crazy parties before. Maybe your resources are limited. Or maybe you just want new inspiration.

Your kids are looking to have the time of their life! Celebrating another year is a big deal! Make their next party unique and fun. Stray away from cliche clowns & magicians and try something new! You know what your child likes to do better than anyone! Here’s some ideas to get your wheels turning.

In our beautiful state of California there is no shortage of sunshine and water! But if you can’t make it to the beach, bring the aquatic fun to you! Try having a fun H2O party. Include things like water balloon fights, Slip ‘N Slide races, a super soaker water fight, and a water obstacle course. No pool, no problem. Get and inflatable pool to have instant fun! Don’t forget to have the summer music to go with your summer fun!

Just because we live in a place filled with water and sunshine, doesn’t mean we need to stick to just pool parties and beach parties. Have some outdoor fun and inspire a bit of healthy competition. Have a Picnic Games party. Include fun activities like an obstacle course, tug-o-war, and a dodgeball game.

If that doesn’t sound fun to you! How about bringing the detective out in your child! Ever thought about a Mystery party? Set-up challenges for your guests to complete using clues to inspire creativity and bring out the sleuth in your guests. Include fun clues and hints to help guests complete tasks.

These are just three different party ideas to throw for your child’s summer birthday bash! Don’t have the time to plan and run the party, or just want to be free to enjoy it? We can help! Xtreme Fun has all the necessary equipment and expertise to run your birthday party! For each party we will provide all the game equipment and supervision! If you want a DJ, we can provide that too! Now get out there, It’s Party Time!

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