• There isn’t another entertainment company in San Diego that comes even close to Xtreme Fun!! I’ve been using Scott & his well-oiled machine of fun-planning for 15years now & have never been anything but 100% super satisfied with the amazing results. Yesterday’s Nativity School Mother-Son Xtreme ninja Obstacle course Xperience was exemplary! From pre-school to 8th grade there was something thrilling for everyone. Scott and his team of high-energy, slick & efficient helpers made each participant feel like a ninja. Everyone commented that they had never had so much fun in their lives! Scott and the Xtreme Fun team will be back for our end of year Field day and every other fun event which we wish to be successful!

    Thanks Scott & the X-team

  • Scott, what an amazing event you helped us create. You were able to pack the dance floor with all the dads and daughters and no one wanted the night to end! Xtreme Fun has an amazing ability to get everyone involved and having a blast. The Father Daughter Dance at Nativity will be a night to remember. Thank you for making it so special for everyone there!! I can’t wait to work with you again next year!!

    Thanks again,

  • Scott, what a fun event! You and your staff rocked it!

    I think we moved over some “speed bumps” very well and made everyone happy!
    I appreciate also how you kept the timeline right on pace.

    My best,
    Marlene Ditore

  • Hi Scott.

    Yes thank you thank you thank you! IT was a big deal that you did that for all of us.
    You are the best. And I hope to have a fun bash this summer where you can be outside at the new dance floor!
    IT is a great cause and we really are very grateful. We reached our goal, and we owe a lot to you for the great
    music and lights!!!!!

  • Hi Scott.

    We want to thank you one more time for generously donating your time and great music to our event on February 15. I know that you are supportive of CAF in other ways and it was so meaningful to us that you were there.

    See you at our next party!

    Best regards,


  • Hello Scott,

    Thank you for a fantastic event which was
    Enjoyed by all!

    We are very thankful for your flexibility
    And working so well with us!!
    From the games to the music and the timing
    It was all perfect.

    When you get a chance, please share with us
    Some of your teen activities & community
    Services that you can do.
    Thank you!

  • Wow, you guys are awesome!! The kids had the time of their lives and they all left the party exhausted and with huge smiles on their faces. I had heard great things about you but didn’t quite know what to expect and now … well … you guys are the bomb and we look forward to many Kelly graduation parties to come!! Next year, hopefully, a Valley 8th grade promo party (it’s my gig!!) … I’m making phone calls as we speak.

    All the thanks in the world to you … these kids are something special and you made their last day of elementary school something to cherish. Well deserved.

    Have a great summer and again, a huge thanks from many happy soon-to-be-middleschoolers!! 🙂

    ~Lara Walker

  • DJ Scot & Team made our Corporate Holiday Party the best in years. We loved the music, the dance off, and the mc abilities of DJ Scot. Thank you Xtreme Fun for making our party the best it could be!

    ~Emily Moustafa

  • We had THE BEST time. The staff was fantastic and the kids all had fun. Parents in attendance were very impressed. Joey learned and remembered all the kids names. My son Adam loved his special day. Many thanks!

    ~Susan Huberman